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Ink Cartridges for Canon printers

If you're looking for ink cartridges for your Canon printer, you're in the right place! We offer both Original Canon ink cartridges and compatible Canon ink cartridges. Please select your Canon printer from the list below. If you can't find the Canon ink cartridge you're looking for, or need any help or advice, please give us a call on 01926 339977 or 0800 1075 270. In addition to Canon ink cartridges, we also offer a comprehensive range of Canon papers.

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All Canon Cartridges

Canon Bubble Jet "BJC" Range

Bubble Jet BJC-2000 Bubble Jet BJC-2100 Bubble Jet BJC-3000
Bubble Jet BJC-50 / 55 Bubble Jet BJC-5000 Bubble Jet BJC-5100
Bubble Jet BJC-5500 Bubble Jet BJC-6000 Bubble Jet BJC-6100
Bubble Jet BJC-6200 Bubble Jet BJC-6500 Bubble Jet BJC-70 / 75
Bubble Jet BJC-80 / 85 Bubble Jet BJC-8200

Canon Bubble Jet "i" Range

Bubble Jet i250 Bubble Jet i320 Bubble Jet i350
Bubble Jet i450 / 455 Bubble Jet i470 / 475D Bubble Jet i550
Bubble Jet i560 Bubble Jet i6500 Bubble Jet i70
Bubble Jet i80 Bubble Jet i850 Bubble Jet i865
Bubble Jet i905D Bubble Jet i9100 Bubble Jet i950
Bubble Jet i965 Bubble Jet i990 Bubble Jet i9950

Canon Bubble Jet "S" Range

Bubble Jet S100 Bubble Jet S200 / 200x Bubble Jet S300
Bubble Jet S330 Bubble Jet S400 Bubble Jet S450
Bubble Jet S4500 Bubble Jet S500 Bubble Jet S520
Bubble Jet S530D Bubble Jet S600 Bubble Jet S630
Bubble Jet S6300 Bubble Jet S750 Bubble Jet S800
Bubble Jet S820 / 820D Bubble Jet S830 / 830D Bubble Jet S900
Bubble Jet S9000

Canon Pixma "iP" Range

Pixma iP100 Pixma iP1000 Pixma iP110
Pixma iP1200 Pixma iP1300 Pixma iP1500
Pixma iP1600 Pixma iP1700 Pixma iP1800
Pixma iP1900 Pixma iP2000 Pixma iP2200
Pixma iP2500 Pixma iP2600 Pixma iP2700
Pixma iP2702 Pixma iP2850 Pixma iP3000
Pixma iP3300 Pixma iP3500 Pixma iP3600
Pixma iP4000 Pixma iP4200 Pixma iP4300
Pixma iP4500 Pixma iP4600 Pixma iP4700
Pixma iP4850 Pixma iP4950 Pixma iP5000
Pixma iP5200R Pixma iP5300 Pixma iP6000
Pixma iP6210D Pixma iP6220D Pixma iP6600D
Pixma iP6700D Pixma iP7250 Pixma iP8500
Pixma iP8750 Pixma iP90

Canon Pixma "iPF" Range

Pixma iPF500 Pixma iPF510 Pixma iPF600
Pixma iPF605 Pixma iPF610 Pixma iPF650
Pixma iPF655 Pixma iPF700 Pixma iPF710
Pixma iPF720 Pixma iPF750 Pixma iPF755
Pixma iPF760 Pixma iPF765 Pixma iPF5000
Pixma iPF5100 Pixma iPF6000 iPF PRO-1000
Pixma iPF6100 Pixma iPF6200

Canon Pixma "iX" Range

Pixma iX4000 Pixma iX5000 Pixma iX6550
Pixma iX6850 Pixma iX7000

Canon Pixma "MG" Range

Pixma MG2150 Pixma MG2250 Pixma MG2450
Pixma MG2550 Pixma MG2950 Pixma MG3150
Pixma MG3250 Pixma MG3550 Pixma MG3650
Pixma MG4150 Pixma MG4250 Pixma MG5150
Pixma MG5250 Pixma MG5350 Pixma MG5450
Pixma MG5550 Pixma MG5650 Pixma MG5700
Pixma MG5750 Pixma MG5751 Pixma MG5752
Pixma MG5753 Pixma MG6150 Pixma MG6250
Pixma MG6350 Pixma MG6450 Pixma MG6650
Pixma MG6800 Pixma MG6850 Pixma MG6851
Pixma MG6852 Pixma MG6853 Pixma MG7150
Pixma MG7550 Pixma MG7700 Pixma MG7750
Pixma MG7751 Pixma MG7752 Pixma MG7753
Pixma MG8150 Pixma MG8250

Canon Pixma "Mini" Range

Pixma mini220 Pixma mini260

Canon Pixma "MP" Range

Pixma MP110 Pixma MP130 Pixma MP140
Pixma MP150 Pixma MP160 Pixma MP170
Pixma MP180 Pixma MP190 Pixma MP210
Pixma MP220 Pixma MP230 Pixma MP240
Pixma MP250 Pixma MP260 Pixma MP270
Pixma MP272 Pixma MP280 Pixma MP330
Pixma MP360 Pixma MP370 Pixma MP390
Pixma MP450 Pixma MP460 Pixma MP470
Pixma MP480 Pixma MP490 Pixma MP492
Pixma MP495 Pixma MP499 Pixma MP500
Pixma MP510 Pixma MP520 Pixma MP530
Pixma MP540 Pixma MP550 Pixma MP560
Pixma MP600 Pixma MP610 Pixma MP620
Pixma MP630 Pixma MP640 Pixma MP750
Pixma MP760 Pixma MP780 Pixma MP800
Pixma MP810 Pixma MP830 Pixma MP970
Pixma MP980 Pixma MP990

Canon Pixma "MX" Range

Pixma MX300 Pixma MX310 Pixma MX320
Pixma MX330 Pixma MX340 Pixma MX350
Pixma MX375 Pixma MX395 Pixma MX435
Pixma MX455 Pixma MX475 Pixma MX495
Pixma MX515 Pixma MX525 Pixma MX535
Pixma MX700 Pixma MX715 Pixma MX725
Pixma MX7600 Pixma MX850 Pixma MX885
Pixma MX895 Pixma MX925

Canon Pixma "Pro" Range

Pixma Pro 9000 Pixma Pro 9000 MkII Pixma Pro 9500
Pixma Pro 9500 MkII Pixma Pro-1 Pixma Pro-10
Pixma Pro-10S Pixma Pro-100

Canon Maxify Range

Maxify MB2050 Maxify MB2350 Maxify MB5050
Maxify MB5350 Maxify iB4050

Canon Selphy Range

Selphy CP100 Selphy CP200 Selphy CP220
Selphy CP300 Selphy CP330 Selphy CP400
Selphy CP500 Selphy CP510 Selphy CP600
Selphy CP710 Selphy CP720 Selphy CP730
Selphy CP810 Selphy CP900 Selphy ES1
Selphy ES2 Selphy ES20 Selphy ES3
Selphy ES30 Selphy ES40

Canon Smartbase Range

Smartbase MP190 Smartbase MP200
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